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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 22, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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shot of the morning. >> that's my cookie snowman i left for the kids this morning. >> that's where you were yesterday? >> you were baking before you left? >> last night. that's mom's guilt there. >> the wounded warrior game, richard cody arena. go to it next week. they're going to talk about it in the after the show show. bill: a texas *. a winter blast of snow followed by cold and dangerous temperatures. a powerful storm stretching for 1,000 miles all the way down and across to the eastern seaboard. many, many, many of you are feeling the effects. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha maccallum. this storm brought blizzard conditions and dumped plenty of snow. 16 inches in some places in
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knowledge. 15 1/2 in massachusetts and pennsylvania. and 10 inches in connecticut. this is a beautiful shot. look at this snowy winter wonderland. in scituate, massachusetts, the snow is still blowing. monthly line is in massachusetts where the snow is still coming down today. how is it? what are you waking up to? >> reporter: it's tapering off in some places. we are in hyannis. this is the main street. normally it would be a bustling street. the clock is telling us it's 9:00 and a quiet, quiet street. it's the visibility that's very, very poor out there as far as traffic is concerned and a lot
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of people staying home and the kid out of school. the street is winter street, living up to its name this morning. north and west of boston, far lower snow totals. south of boston there were a few communities that got up to 18 inches. and it's not quite over yet. we are still seeing the snow coming down which can make for a difficult driving situation. bill: molly line is this winter colder and nastier than we have had in the past? >> reporter: we have seen some cold, nasty winters up here. we have seen shire snow totals and frigid temperatures this year. right now looking at some of our temperatures here in the cape, we are in the low 20s.
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but colder to the north. but that can be a mixed blessing. with that colder air you get the lighter, fluffier snow. a mixed blessing. but for the most part we can take it. even though it's starting to get blustery. bill: we'll check in the throughout the morning. thank you for being so brave. talk to you later. martha: the nasty weather making a mess. 1,500 flights have been cancelled. so definitely call ahead. it will be a while before things get back to normal around there. bill: the snow head out and now the warning comes with these frigid temperatures. the deep purple and withs
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sending temperatures below zero. it's hitting the south also. 11 degree in memphis. it feels like 4 degree in atlanta. martha: it's nothing compared to the frozen tundra of minnesota. temperatures in the entire state dropped below zero. in minneapolis it has been below zero for 12 of the last 21 days. the forecast high for the winter carnival is expected to be 1 degree. bill: a car slid off a road. overturned in a drainage ditch. this is henderson, kentucky.
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a biker trudging through the hasty snow. the snowflakes not floating down. they were whipping around by the wind. sometimes strong enough to turn the umbrella out in the state of new jersey. martha: we want to know how your morning is going so far. send us a picture or a tweet @marthamaccallum or @billhemmer. bill: when it feels like 24 degree in tallahassee and 37 degree in tallahassee. hang in there. another fox news alert. federal prosecutors indicting former virginia governor bob mcdonnell for corruption.
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he's facing corruption, conspiracy and wire fraud. his wife maureen also considered to be instrumental in taking $100,000 in gifts from the ce to of a former diet supplement company. he's apologizing but he said he broke no law. >> while i deemly regret accept can these gifts or loans from mr. williams, all of them have been returned or paid with full interest. i apologized for my responsibility in accepting these legal gifts and loans. i repeat emphatically that i did nothing illegal for mr. williams for what i believed was his personal friendship and generosity. reporter: the couple have five children. he faces multiple counts that if convicted could carry 20 years in prison apiece for he and his
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wife and fines of $1 million. martha: did the obama administration go after a credit rating agency because they gave the united states a downgrade? that's the claim in response to a federal lawsuit. the chair of the parent company says an age have i timothy geithner then the treasury secretary called them after the company downgraded u.s. debt, warning that such an action would be met with quota response. two years later the government sued s & p for fraud surrounding the financial crisis. stuart varney joins me now. this is a serious claim. >> reporter: this is a claim that the government is undermining objective financial analysis. that basically is the charge against the government this morning. let me take you back and give
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you have the timeline. friday, august 5, 2011. standard and poor's downgrade america. we lose our triple aaa rating. monday morning the man who runs s & p gets a call from tim geithner. tim geithner is mad, he's the treasury secretary. mairmd mcgraw stand his ground and says we are right. geithner says there will be a response from the government, you will be accountable. use said, along comes a $5 billion lawsuit against standard and poor's. a spokesman for former treasury secretary geithner says reports of the retaliation are false. these ratings companies are supposed to give objective financial judgments. they are supposed nod say objectively how -- they are showed to say objectively how a company or government is doing. you are not supposed to threaten
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a rating agency. if you do you are undermining that analysis and that's a very serious charge to make. martha: but if the u.s. government believes the numbers were not correct, and it seems that's their defense. they are saying the analysis was wrong and that was a huge detriment to the u.s. credit rating and we remember there was a huge reaction around the world when this happened. this is unprecedented. if they can prove s & p's numbers were wrong, don't they have a case? report * yes, but s & p wants all document revealed. including gielter in's response. it's a & p who wants all of these documents exposed. martha: there may be another story that lies in there. bill: another day and another obamacare bombshell.
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what a major retailer is doing with its employees which will mean thousands will lose their health insurance with that company. martha: the olympics are on the edge right now. the threat that some teams are getting heating to so chicago as russian forces engage in almost daily battles with islamic militants a few hundred miles away. plus this. to sochi. he never went away. what rob ford is up to this time. right? super sizing. 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat too, and has five grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i -- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? oops. [ female announcer ] as you get older protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein...
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martha: tragedy on another campus. this time a teaching assistant is shot and killed. the 23-year-old short is taken
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into custody and is expected to be charged in this murder. >> this is not a typical active shooter. this appears to be an isolated intentional act. we have developed information that the victim appeared to have been targeted by the suspect and it was no more or no less than that. martha: the motive in this case still unclear. bill: target will drop part time employees from their healthcare plans encouraging them to sign up for obamacare. gentlemen, good morning to both of you. you say a clear sign of the massive change that this law is bringing because this really is a huge expense to employers, and they are dumping it already. >> this will take effect on
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april 1. this will allow employee to get the federal subsidies in obamacare. this is an indication if these target employees like their health plan they will not be able to keep it. they will get $500 access to a benefit consultant. they won't lose work hours but they will lose their health plan. bill: the bigger question as you rightly point out earlier today will obamacare be better and cheaper than what they have now? that's what people will decide whether this law is good or not. >> the premiums go up and the key is getting the young people into obamacare. disappointing numbers so far. the administration says that will improve in the coming months. that's going to be key.
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is is disruptive to change health plans. but if you get a better health plan and you like it and it's cheaper it won't be as disruptive. bill: this is the pledge if you like your health insurance you can keep it. >> let many take this out of the equation, we know that's not true. this is going to happen if obamacare is going to pay for itself. you need younger healthier workers in the system to pay for those who are uninsmiewrpd. when i was a kid i got a job to get benefits. so the private sector paid for the benefits. obamacare turned it on its head. bill: if you are an employer and you are looking for a job and you take a job with no benefits,
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what is the impact? >> who knows. we are in a third, another dimension. it's a weird thing. you got a job in the past and we used to talk about benefits. the government is going to district and ration it. that's what -- that's why this thing is so hair brained. bill: trader joams has don't, home depot has don't, target has don't. this just keeps going and going. >> healthcare is a huge cost for employers. the mandate was delayed for a year. the company don't like the headlines. but if there are a lot of employers dropping their coverage basically they will say we might do that, too. it sets them down to dollars and cents. if the industry thick it's better to put this on obamacare
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that's what they will do. >> they have to comply to certain mandates. that's why they are doing this. it's cost effective to take people off the plans and put them in the exchanges. you need to have this happen. it's going to keep happening because that's the only way lit pay for itself. bill: is it is it cheaper? what will they find out? >> nobody knows. bill: trade were joe's, home depot and now target. who is next? >> who knows. every major retailer will have to do this. wait for walmart. they haven't done it yet. they are going have to. bill: walmart, low's, all the big employers. >> the young workers have to be
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put into the evenings changes. that's the only way to pay for the uninsured. bill: what if a company he i'm going to keep my plan. does that company do better with its workers? >> the ceo of a public company has a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders. generally differenten the mandates of obamacare it will be cheaper to take the people off your insurance and put them into the exchanges. bill: we'll watch it charlie, thank you. martha: check this out. there are new images coming in of this horrific plane crash that happened in aspen, colorado. how it's helping investigators piece together what happened. bill: he he he was under the influence, the full report, the video and rob ford's response
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bill: the crack-smoking mayor of toronto will be rob ford is mocking his drug investigation while using a pretty bad jamaican accent they say. >> five months [inaudible] and they are trying to tell me
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bill: rob ford admits he might have had too top of dpling that fast food restaurant. >> reporter: were you drinking last night? >> a little bit. i was with friend and what i do with my personal friend ... i said i was there, i met some friend. that's how i speak with some of my friend. i don't think it's discriminatory at all. bill: he admits to drinking alcohol and he's given it up again. martha: he's back and making a stop at a fast food place it would appear. bill: your daily dose of rob ford. martha: snow and frigid
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temperatures are keeping thousands of people to gather in our nation's capital for the right to life rally. >> reporter: the trifecta of weather element, wind with the snow and ice. it's not going to stop the thousands of people from descending on the mall. really all age groups. youth groups have been bussed here from all across the countries. a lot of catholic school groups as well. they will start here at the national mall and wrap around the capital dome behind me, then they will go to the supreme court where they will be holding a prayer vigil. the high court's 1973 decision on roe versus wade that legalized abortion. we are seeing more states passing abortion restrictions from 2011 up until now. marchers say they want to present their message on a more
6:26 am
gentle approach and speak for the unborn children. >> america is about inclusion. roe versus wade is about exclusion. it says we are not going to protect these children in the womb. we are moving forward on so many rights in america and across the world. we are asking why we can't include the children? i believe, especially with the younger people we'll see marching during these days that they are more indune with that message than ever. >> reporter: a group has evolved. marchers will be promoting adoptions. and families who are looking to start a family. another face lift we are seeing is the group has gone social. they are hitting social networks to get their message out. for all those techies who may not be able to make to it d.c. but still want to participate.
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the march for life created an app and you can participate in the demonstration all day long. martha: thank you, elizabeth. bill: there are more concerns over the safety of the winter games and this will not go away. watch. that is video apparently from this weekend showing russian forces in a firefight with militants. how the u.s. military may help in sochi. martha: march. martha: top republicans want an aparoley after the governor of new york says conservatives aren't welcome in new york. >> i guess he's saying if you are a pro-life democrat it mate be all right for you to be in new york.
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martha: we are watching a live shot from kiev where we continue to see unrest? the streets. three people are reported dead. the president has held talks with three of the opposition leaders and the eu has expressed concern about what's happening here and saying they may have to take some action. we are watching fireworks. bill: another fox news alert.
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this is video showing russian security forces in a shootout with suspected terrorists. watch. [gunfire] bill: this happened a few hundred miles away to the east of the site of the winter games. a senior chechen rebel reportedly dead. jonathon hunt watching this today. will the u.s. military help now? >> reporter: president obama discussed safety and security with put -- with vladimir putin in a phone call. the u.s. is offering high-tech
6:33 am
assistance. the technology the u.s. used to thwart roadside bombs in afghanistan and iraq. several olympic committees are saying they received what they describe as email and lerl threats. those countries include hungary, slovenia, slovakia and germany. i got two emails from members of the international olympic committee based in switzerland. they say it was not actually a threat as such. the quote, the ioc takes security very seriously and passes on any credible information to the relevant security services. however, in this case it seems like the email sent to a number of national limit committees contains no threat and appears to be a random message from a member of the public. nonetheless everybody is clearly on edge. we reached out to the u.s. olympic committee to find out if
6:34 am
they received any direct threats. we are awaiting a response from them. >> reporter: the so-called black widows. there might be as many as four they are looking for. report * the russian security services have named and published photographs of 3 of those so called black widows, they are doing everything they can to find them as far as they are aware. they may have been in a firefight and killed one of them saturday. we don't have a confirmation on that. what they are concerned about at the moment is the torch relay. the olympic torch is passing through russia. it's 350 miles from sochi. they are concerned that olympic torch procession is a slightly softer target could be an
6:35 am
attractive target for those terrorists. they are on an you are gentle search. no progress on finding all of them as you know. bill: thank you, jonathon. martha: republicans are asking for an apology from new york's governor andrew cuomo. >> these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay, is that who they are? because if that's who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of the new york. that's not who new yorkers are. martha: that caused quite a controversy. governor cuomo's office is trying to defend those comments. but the lead of the republican
6:36 am
party says the explanation is not enough. reporter: he ought to go out and apologize. he hasn't done that yet. that means he doesn't want to disown that remark. he needs to apologize to make it clear that that's not what he is. i'm afraid that's what he is. he meant that remark. martha: alan colmes is host of fox news radio. >> i think it was a wrong thing to say. i'm a native new yorker. that's not new york is. new york is a place inclusion, diversity. we welcome you here no matter where you fall on the political spectrum. i think it was a wrong thing to say. martha: what do you think? >> i think alan is right. the governor's apology would be
6:37 am
too little too late. he doubled down on his remarks. he was invited on that show as the governor of new york. he represents all new yorkers. we don't assistant for intolerance. the governor seems to think we do. if you take a state like new york, 20 million people. 9 million of which live in the city of new york. if you took those 9 million out of the city of new york, new york is a very red state. >> you have got to give him a little space here if he does apologize. you decided if he does it won't be good enough. give hymn him an opportunity to come forward. martha: take a look at the government's initial response. he says it is clear that the governor was making the observation that an extreme
6:38 am
right candidate cannot win statewide because this is a politically moderate state. either moderate republicans or moderate democratic. the big question is the context of this statement. they seem to be suggesting it was said about what kind of candidate can run in this state and the larger context of this doesn't point in that direction for a lot of people, brad. >> he's trying to spin away what was said. most importantly the intonation of his voice. word mean things. as jay carney said from the podium of the white house. we pay no attention to what people say, it's what they do. especially from a governor of the state of new york made statement as the government, they mean something. >> reporter: he may need to give a personal response to this. i want to pay from the kelly file. glenn beck was on and he gave a perspective i think many people on his side of the political
6:39 am
fence might share strongly. here he is. >> we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax, we employ over 200 people. i have 200 people that work in new york state and new york city. are they not welcome? is our money not welcome? martha: what do you like about that? >> i think the governor need to say that if he wants to clarify his remarks, i was referring to the notion it's difficult for an extreme candidate to get elected in new york. that he meant no offense to anybody of any political persuasion, whatever your views might be on the gay issue, on abortion. on what might be perceived as extreme politically, you are welcome here regardless. if he was talking about candidate, he need to qualify that.
6:40 am
bill: i talked to him yesterday an wasn't expect an apology. jack keane, the general and why the plan to remove the troops sooner than scheduled could pose a risk. martha: why you could win a whole lot more during this year's march madness. we'll be right back. it's great. [♪]
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martha: quicken loans backed by warren buffet offering a billion dollars if you can fill out a flawless ncaa bracket from march madness. you have to predict the outcome for every game. it's a bit of a long shot. the chances of filling out the perfect bracket, a staggering one in 1s 9quantillion. warren buffet he you never know. he may owe somebody a billion dollars. you never snow. he thinks the odd are pretty good.
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bill: fox news alert. we are confirming tbhaments future for the u.s. military in afghanistan. the u.s. plan is to keep 10,000 troops in that war at the end of this war. there are currently 30,000 there. then the suggestion is to bring that number down to zero by the time president obama leaves office. general jack keane, our four star general and fox news military analyst. if this is true, what does it mean? >> we would be repeating the same mistakes we made with our ill conceived policy in iraq that has led to disastrous consequences that are being played out in front of our eyes. if we do that afghanistan in 2014 or 2016, what he can expect the the same result. the taliban forcing themselves on the afghan people. here is the second big problem. we are conducting war against
6:46 am
the al qaeda in pakistan from bases in afghanistan. we need the intelligence we gather. and we need the footprint and the security to be able to conduct that war successfully. we pull out we put that at risk and that's a direct threat to the united states. bill: politically speaking there is a big equation when it comes to politic. is this how the president says at the end of the second term i ended two wars? >> i think that's it. the focus has been on ending the war as opposed to winning it. that's what gates was talking about in his book how difficult it was transitioning from one president who wanted to win to another president to rant wanted to end it. they don't get a question like this. tell me what the force are you need and how you need them so we
6:47 am
don't squander the gains. make sure we do the right thing here has we are transitioning out of the afghanistan. that question is not asked. what is done is the number that they provide and the length of time they want to keep the forces there are challenged. this number of $10,000 is below what they had recommended. this is minimum. bill: that's a revelation. you wonder how you effectively fight if you are told what to do as opposed to being asked what is the proper course based on the facts on the ground. you dealt with that your entire career, did you not? >> absolute lit. time and time again these commanders are not able to put forward the kind of recommendations they need to guarantee success and security in afghanistan and the region at large. and they are challenged based on the premise that it's more important to end than it is to win. that's what we are dealing here. and probably a polite calculate legacy although that's not my
6:48 am
expertise. bill: if that's the questions that are not being asked. how does that affect your ability to extra jiets, too -- ability to strategize, to fight, to win. >> ever since the president made the decision to tie the military's hand behind their back. they are frustrated by this time and time again because it makes it so sp more difficult for them to succeed. there is a level of frustration that isn't in the public media because they are not doing talk about it. bill: currently 37,000 forces fighting that war in afghanistan and 20,000 interest national forces that aid and assist as well. the current plan by the end of next month is to get that 37,000 number down to 32,000.
6:49 am
so already you are starting this pullback and drawdown. in fallujah and ramadi it's a comeback for al qaeda, the very people we were rooting out 4 or 5 years ago. how does the military react when they see a story like that. they see the extraordinary gain they made now be squandered. >> they are very frustrated what is happening in iraq given the sacrifices we made there. they know leaving a residual force there would have made a difference. and they know maliki is a if he he -- is a nefarious character. this is being played out again in afghanistan. they can see the dire consequences of these actions. there is no strategic thinking taking place in terms of where do we want to be 5, 10 years
6:50 am
from now in afghanistan and in that region. bill: jack keane from washington. martha: we have brand-new video of that deadly plane crash. it's hard to watch this when you know what happened here. but this surveillance video is telling investigators more about exactly way went wrong. bill: she made national headlines when leading an 11th filibuster over a controversial abortion bill in texas. remember this? >> members, i'm rising on the floor today to humbly give voice to thousands of texans who have been ignored. bill: that was then. now the democrat wendy davis is running for office and some of her word are coming back to haunt her. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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bill: a van crashing into a pop eyes flaunt orlando. that was a woman and young boy standing inside. they moved just out of the way. that van driver ran a red light before crashing into a car and then the restaurant. the man was driving with a suspended license. martha: dramatic video of a deadly jet crash that happened in aspen. the private plane was on its second landing attempt when it hit the tarmac hard killing two passengers. why are we seeing this video
6:55 am
now? >> reporter: it was obtained through a colorado open record request. it was compiled by five different heat sensing surveillance cameras that monitor ramps at aspen county airport. it shows he's a bright white light. you can see the plane at the moment of impact on the runway bouncing off and back into the air, then coming down nose first. you then see the plane bursting into flames and sliding down the runway. the three people onboard were all pilots from mexico. they had flown from phoenix and were heading into as pen. martha: you watch that, it's amazing anyone survived that crash. have they determined what the problem was with their landing in the first place? >> no, not yet. the investigation is ongoing by
6:56 am
the national transportation safety board. but observers say it appears the pilot did appear to try to abort the landing at one point. the ntsb said the plane had a tail end of 21 miles an hour with gusts up to 28 miles an hour and they believe weather played a role in the crash. of the one of the men who was critical hill injured remains hospitalized and that third pilot who was hospitalized was just released last week. martha: thank you very much. bill: the snow is gone, but the subzero temperatures are just beginning. we'll tell you how bad it will be in your area. martha: a string of recent public shootings begging the question. should there be fewer guns or more.
6:57 am
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>> fox news alert. the former individualf governor accused of corruption is firing back. mcdonald is saying the law is being stretched to the limits. glad to have you with us this morning. >> prosecutor sam mcdonald and his wife accepted gifts from a business man for better treatment. he claims he is being fairly untargeted. >> no other elected official has been charged with such charges. but they have decide to stretch the law to the breaking point in this case. >> what is happening here? mike emanual is joining us life. what are mcdonald's layers
7:01 am
saying to this? >> 14 felony counts and his attorney says mcdonald is innocent and the prosecution is baseless. mcdonald spoke out hours after the charges were filled calling them false. >> it rest on a misguided legal theory and that is that facilitating an introduction for a meeting, appearing at a reception or expressing support for a virginia business, is a serious federal crime if it involves a political donor or someone who gave an official a gift. >> the lawyers say every official in the county would be facing this indictment if it was played to everybody doing this. >> they are saying there was
7:02 am
financial gifts going on and a very long list of gifts. >> that is right. a lot of attention over mounting credit card met and his wife wrote to a staffer they were broke. and the indictment says ms. mcdonald offered to give a prime seat next to her had been in exchange for dresses and accessories for her daughter's wedding. the governor was bought a watch and then the company began applying for grant money. >> thank you, mike. >> there are millions of americans digging out from a storm from kentucky up to new
7:03 am
england. the east is buried in a foot or more of snow. now the frigid temperatures are setting in with temperatures well below zero. we have weather here and david lee miller is live outside. we start with doug, though, who is frozen in washington, d.c. without a hat. >> reporter: the washington, d.c. area is around the rain/snow divide we see so often but not with this installment. we are all frozen in here. the temperature at regan national airport was ten degrees with the wind chill factor at ten below 0. this cold is expected to stick around for several days. we are not expected to rise above the freezing mark until sunday. the commuter has been delightful
7:04 am
because the federal government is closed and today it is on a two-hour delay. the mail is being delivered and i know because i got a package of free scarves >> you will not have those for long. he is santa clause as well. >> i can hear his mouth getting colder out there. the jersey shore is getting hammered as well. david lee is live in red bank, new jersey. hi, david. >> indeed i am in red bank, new jersey, but the color on everyone's mind is white. look at the central part of the downtown area in red bank, new
7:05 am
jersey. you can see someone shoveling in front of a business. it is now 7 degrees here with the wind chill it feels more like minus 16. one other thing to keep in mind, about 45 miles from where i am standing is east rutherford, new jersey and in less than a week and a half that is where the super bowl is going to be played and hopefully by then temperatures will have warmed up. >> we will see. it could be a cold, snowy super bowl. a lot of people are talking about that. >> it maybe fitting, right? the storm is pulling bitter air from the arctic making it frigid in the northeast. >> we have cold temperatures
7:06 am
across the eastern half of the country. an arctic front swept through and left the cold and winds and when you combine those you get what is called the wind chill temperature and this is what it feels like on your exposed skin. in minneapolis it feels like 14 below 0. and georgia, alabama and mississippi, the current windchill in atlanta, georgia is just nine degrees. once you get to the cold temperature and wind chill temperatures you get warnings and ad vivisory and that is bece we can get frost bite and
7:07 am
hyperthermia from the cold temperatures. so bundle up and make sure you don't have much exposed skin. temperatures are not going to be rebounding much. tonight in the teens in kentucky. 1 is the low in chicago. single digit lows in portions of the northeast and by thursday it is expanding and worse in the south. in atlanta, you will be in the teens and in raleigh as well. thanks, maria. indoors again. you like it better that way. >> how cold is it when the temperature gets to 15 degrees it is too cold for salt. minus 10 degrees frost bite occurs within 10 empties of being outside. -- minutes -- 50 years ago it
7:08 am
plunged to 70 degrees on rogers pass, montana. at some point cold is cold it doesn't matter if it is 5 or 70. >> a look from space now. national weather service capturing this image. you can see it stretches about a thousand miles out to new england with the leading edge along the appalachian mountains. send us a picture where you are by way of twitter and we will get them together and share photos with you. >> i will say there were no traffic jams in new jersey. >> how was the commute? >> roads were open and clear.
7:09 am
bridge was good. i went through the tunnel, but i understand the bridge was in good shape. there is new talk for a democratic leader who fought against abortion leaders >> these voices have been silenced by a governor who made blind partisanship and personal political ambition the official business in the great state. windy davis is running for governor and has been caught exaggerating her story. >> and one city's nation's capital on fire. we will bring you details on what we are learning there. >> and stunning new video showing one group making an entrance at the nfl playoffs last weekend. look at that.
7:10 am
>> holy cow. here we come. here we come. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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get a lyric in your life. >> fox news alert now. i want to bring you the story. three people are reported dead after a violent protest in ukraine. the european nation is threatening to take action. the protest are going on 24-7 and started four days ago. there is a battle in the country over whether or not to develop closer ties with russia and mos moscow or stay closer to the west. >> new talk about rising star
7:14 am
windy davis after the texas state senator was caught fudging the facts of her bio. she rose to fame after her 13-hour filibuster. >> i am on the floor to give a voice to thousands of texans who have been ignored and relied on the minority members of the senate in order for the voices to be heard. >> she has been touting her struggles as a single mother who lived in a trailer home and raised herself up from poverty. we are learning she has embellished some of the facts.
7:15 am
getting divorced at 19. she talked about a mobile home but was there a few months. her harvard law education is a question and the last two years of college which were all paid from a by her ex-husband who was considerably older than her. she did go to harvard law school i want to make sure that is clear. but she has so much of who she is by being a woman who pulled herself up from nothing is raised her children. but it turns out her husband did because she was at college. >> if someone is running on their narrative, john mccain
7:16 am
were example talking about his war prisoner situation, especially somebody like windy davis who started the rise to become a national defender of something like that that is in poplar which is to say access to abortions in the six month pregnancy and beyond. that is not something that is poplar. but something that she as an attra attractive person made more palatable and gave democrats more hope on the issue that is going on the wrong way for them. >> she said she needs to pay more attention to the details when she tells the story. she is the first politician to embellish the past and make the story look better. but are there larger ramifications because of the political situation in texas?
7:17 am
>> davis has been a long shot at texas. she is maybe a no-shot now. it hasn't gone well and she is not responding well. accusing the author of taking planted information from her piece. on a national level, for politicians like hilary clinton who share davis' point of view on late-term abortion, how do you deal with that if you don't have the attractive narrative that said i rose from a trailer park and didn't chose to. she said those people who
7:18 am
criticize her have never been in her shoes. abbot is a paraplegic and the fact she used that shows this candidate who was a darling of the national press maybe isn't ready for the outcome. >> what does the outcome look like? it is a red state and she was having a tough time. >> there is going to be a rallying to her to people that are adamant on abortion. but i think the money and pole numbers will dry up. >> you can sign up for chris' daily political news letter >> a million dollar home burned to the ground and it may not
7:19 am
have been an accident. >> and a wall street journal reporter vanishes after going out for a walk. why the fbi is involved. >> we are devastated. we are desperate and we are heart-broken. and in agony. we just want david back home. we just want david back home. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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>> the fbi is now involved in the search for a missing wall street journal report david bird. he was last seen ten days ago leaving his new jersey home to go on a short walk. he left without a cellphone and without medication he was taking
7:23 am
twice a day. >> it was unusual he would be home. it is dark and he takes his medication and it is important because of his liver. he needs it twice a day. >> a former npd homicide detective is here. 55-year-old man disappeared 10-11 days ago. there is a report that a credit card was used or found or both perhaps in mexico? try to put this together. as a detective what questions do you need answered? >> bill, it is interesting. the report on the credit card hasn't been confirmed by authorities. so you wonder if the victim or did mr. bird take his wallet and identification with him on the walk. not taking his medication or
7:24 am
cellphone and you would wonder why he took the wallet. so was that a physical card used? i would need to see that first. >> you characterize the case as interesting. what do you see based on the facts we know? >> to be a value n terry leave, he would have to have another source to get the expensive medication. a method of transportation. i dentification and to get into mexico if he actually did. you wonder if the fbi is involved because they believe there is a possibility of foul
7:25 am
play. the fbi doesn't get involved in cases unless a missing person has an indication of foul play and crime. >> at what point does the fbi make the decision if they will be able to help this family and find the man? >> the fbi doesn't interject themselves. the agency that is handling the case is the decision making in this this type of situation. they are asking the fbi if they would look at this or assist them. and with international databases or searches in other countries or to verify the credit card in mexico. so the fbi is looking at communication, whether it is computer or cellphone, to see if
7:26 am
there was a concentration in the immediate time where they might be able to connect the dots. >> it would seem to indicate this was a man not intent on leaving based on the medicine -- would it not? >> it does and the police will look at domestic and business dealings to see if there was anything that would actually throw up warning signs. but when someone is out for a walk or run they leave cellphones or a wallet, they certainly don't take their medicine with them. they might have a couple dollars but not the type of think you would need to actually disappear >> david bird, age 55, 6'1, 200
7:27 am
pounds. a black red jacket with zippers. and that is the number on the screen to call if you have any clues. olympic athletes are on alert following the terrorist threats. will the olympics be safe? >> safe for americans, too? right. every see a game this way? a whole new perspective on the nfl playoffs. nfl playoffs. [ female announcer ] yoplait greek 100. 100% greek. 100% m... so mmm, you might not believe it's 100 calories. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to love it.
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>> we are back with this volatile situation in the ukraine. protesters are not backing down. we are watching the fires here. three people are reported dead after the stream of violent protest in this city in the ukraine. the european action is threatening to take action. there is a battle going on on where the royalties should lie going back to moscow or in the larger european world. you can hear it there. >> the stuff starts slow and
7:32 am
builds by the day. we will see if that happens there. big questions about safety of at the athletic games. the president is offering u.s. military assistance to help russia. there are ongoing clashes east to the side of the games. watch here. that is about 300 miles east. this is from over the weekend where the russian authorities are fighting with militants in the country. and four so-called black widows with thought to be inside sochi. >> they are going to do everything they can to hit the olympics and embarrass the president. the terrorist only have to score
7:33 am
one point to get the medal. >> the founder of the anti-terrorist organization. will the american athletes be safe? >> i will say i believe the american security, like other sport teams that are under threat, or could be facing a threat, will have their own security detail will helps insulate their internal security. but it is an impossibility to say there is total safety. it is questionable the term of iron ring that is being used >> the president is offering military assistance -- can we help and will the president accept? >> we can develop help. the u.s. has one of the most
7:34 am
capable anti-explosive advices in the world by being able to tap in the signals that can inhibit cellphones being used as devices like this. but the president who was elected on the bases of his intelligence security back ground has a lot of ego in the business. so i believe there is going to be push/pull with him. i cannot say if he is going to accept it, but he could consider it. >> that technology was developed in iraq and afghanistan 7-8 years agree. it was called war lock then. and is that much better today than it was in 2005-2006.
7:35 am
what do you under about the ring of steel in sochi? >> the ring of steel is the term that the russian government is using to describe the 65x25 mile sterile perimeter that has been established. it is designed to turn that mile perimeter into a virtual intelligence space or sterile environment which puts everybody under surveillancsurveillance. 8,000 internal security soldiers and the fsb which is now what the kbg is called has an anti-terror squad cnn known as the alpha squad and i understand
7:36 am
they will be hovering above. but there is no one solid ring. the goal is multiple security rings. so maybe the phrasing is off but the real see is the undercover surveillance detection. being able to use security personal who cannot be spotted and have them look for threats. >> aaron, i have about 20 second left, but sochi is on the water. does that help from the security standpoint? >> it eliminates multiple points of entry, so it does. there is only one side that can be attacked. it doesn't mean there can't be a maritime attack but the threat is less likely. the threat is probably coming from the pakistan region. it is
7:37 am
low level terror coming from that region there in the areas i cannot pronounce. you will not see a maritime assault of terrorist coming off the water >> some people saying what is going on in pakistan already is civil war. thank you, aaron. appreciate it. >> thanks, bill. a first look at the future of iowa's republican party on display in the state's non-binding midterm caucus. we were there and did anything happen to thachange the tea par affiliation? >> there is an effort to change
7:38 am
that. the issue is the state libert i libertarian scheme. they went about their normal business for 2014 but it was clear the establishment republican more mainstream conservative folks came out trying to repress the ron paul types who have been running the party. >> it is almost entirely controlled by folks who ran ron paul's campaign for last time for president. things are not going so great at the state level. we are looking for people who want to get behind the entire republican candidate not just
7:39 am
concern candidates. >> the republicans want to make sure the party isn't held to a faction. they want to make sure the paul supporters have a voice, but not too loud. this is the first in the nation's contest and the first americans who get to make their presidential choices known. and they want to make sure there is not a finger print to-heavy on the scales for rand paul. they are clear about making sure there are no problems in the caucus. >> you think they are like welcome back carl, or oh, man it is carl. >> five school shootings in one week. and the latest in purdue is
7:40 am
raising questions on what could be done to fight the trend. >> and republican senator is firing back after the naacp calls him quote a dummy. >> if they are looking for an opportunity what we are hearing is baseless rhetoric about the same thinks not working so far. same thinks not working so far. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> south carolina republican senator is responding from name calling from the north carolina president of the naacp who said a ventriloquist can always find a good dummy. the extreme right wing finds a black guy to be senator and claims he is the first since reconstruction and goes to washington and pushes tea party.
7:44 am
>> for him to attack he it is as if you have conservative ideas that work why bother to try them. >> the naacp says the positions of the far right is an insault to martin luther king, jr. >> yesterday, a teacher assistance was in class and shot and killed by a fellow student. the suspect is in custody but yesterday's shooting is part of what seems to be a greg trend in the united states. we cover stories like this nearly every week in some form or shape. five shool -- school -- shoots
7:45 am
last week. and 25 school shootings took place in 2013. and newtown was the one in 2012. seven were killed at santa monica college last year was the deadliest. out of 140,000 schools most don't have armed guards. and those that do are middle and high school. we have julie and lars here. after newtown there was so much discussion about what should be done that there were a number of things than cropped up in so many cases. access of guns, mental health,
7:46 am
and obsession with video games is the toxic cocktail. this young woman's sister was lost that day. you see the children coming out. what do we need to do here, julie? >> first we need to do things that should be easily accomplished. federal background checks all across the board like places like gun sales and shows. that would prevent mentally ill from getting guns. that should not be an issue. they are supported by 90% of the public. there is no reason on earth why
7:47 am
a semi-automatic weapon is easily sold. and again this is a rhetorical issue and no one is acting on it. >> congress has done nothing. you make a great point. the issue get outrage and you hear politicians railing about what needs to be done. and we are talking about movies/video game, mental health, and the gun issue. and some people believe we don't need fewer guns. there are only 10,000 guards and people think if we had them cov covered better we would have a lower te. >> i will not oppose the guards. but these happen in the gun-free zones. people from the far left say if
7:48 am
we had fewer guns we would have fewer instances. we do have gun control. 20,000 laws across america and every gun sold in america goes through a federal background check especially those at gun shows. the folks saying we have to cover the private party sales have them point to a one single incident involving a private party sale. most are legally purchased by people who are legally capable of doing that or they are stolen as in the case of sandy hook. so the idea of having more laws that are not enforced doesn't make sense. but when a young man like andrew bolt is murdered is always in a gun-free zone. it department of justice says
7:49 am
almost two million times a year american citizens use a gun to protect themselves from a criminal >> i find so many people are horrified at the thought of more armed guns but if you ask them about their own child's school and there is a gunman most would be happy if there was a police person out. >> i have a young child in the school and if there were armed guards or any guns near him as he is a toddler and can't know what is right and wrong about guns and if i had an armed guard i would pull him out of the school. >> you would not want anyone to be able to defend them? >> i don't want people with access to weapons. i don't know the guards.
7:50 am
is that a risk i am taking? yes. but the risks, i think, outweigh the benefits. how about the people that commit suicide because they have easy access to weapons? most kids that don't have guns in their home won't be able to do that. >> that is a separate issue >> you're talking about gun-free zones >> we have to leave it there. it is an motional issue but we need to talk about it because we do them every single week it seems. thank you both. an amazing stunt that got one nfl playoff game to a flying start. this is show you bring in a football for kickoff.
7:51 am
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ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> best video of the day is going viral. diving into mile high stadium. they have been doing this for five years. this was the first every jump during a championship game. i bet you don't even need a ticket to get in. >> a watch dog group showing coordination between the environmental agencies and other organizations.
7:55 am
what did you find? >> e-mails are showing senior policy officials at the epa working to what appears to be an effort to kill the pipeline. you have e-mails saying let me know if i can be helpful especially in further engaging the epa to quote not throw its body against the tracks. the epa cannot be overt in the efforts to kill keystone so they were reaching out for subtle ways to kill it. >> on the face, it is classic secret dealing and an uncomfortable relationship and one that is known to these parties but not advertised to
7:56 am
the public. >> no response yet from the epa >> john roberts on that and more to come from atlanta. >> it is cold and windy out there and why you need to keep the big coats and gloves and warm fuzzy hats ready to go. we will be right back, folks.
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>> a smash and grab robbery caught on camera.


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